7 Opening Lines / Lead-Ins

7 Opening Lines / Lead-Ins

Remember we talked about AIDA?

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

After the subject line, the next most important part of an email is the lead-in or opening line. This lead-in or opening line belongs to the "Attention" part in AIDA.

Subscribers have already decided to open your email. Next you only have 2 seconds to get their attention before they realize they made a mistake opening it.

I've created 7 lead-ins / opening lines you can use to hook people in quickly. Once they're hooked on reading the opening line, they'll read the second line, the third, the fourth, etc.

In addition to the 7 Opening Lines / Lead-Ins, you'll also get the Mindmap + 38 Email Writing Prompts.

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