9.4 - Writing framework for non-sales emails

9.4 - Writing framework for non-sales emails

Use this framework:

Back in my corporate days...

We’d have vendors trying to pitch us into buying their product/service.

They’d come into the office and do a presentation on how awesome and cool their product is, how long their company has been around, their vision mission statement, and all the other boring stuff.

(notice it’s about me me me me me me) 🤢


What’s funny is that at the end of the presentation, instead of “closing us,” they’d just end with a: “Alright, thank you for your time. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer.”

That’s it.

No CTA (call to action). No closing.

That, together with the fact it’s about me me me… no wonder they didn’t close the sale 🤦

You could be making the same mistake without realizing it.

What? How?

Writing your email…

even when you already know the goal of the email and writing about them them them…

will still lead to poor sales...

IF you don’t follow a proven writing structure that’s been around since the 19th century.

The structure is AIDA.


It’s A - I - D - A -- like the name of a sexy lady.

Or if you’re a female... picture a hot guy by the name of AIDA.

Wait wait wait... that’s weird.

How can AIDA be a guy?

Anyway… what would it mean for you if your subscribers are always eagerly awaiting your emails?

While thousands of other emails get unopened and dismissed, they’re always looking forward to your emails, opening them, and taking the action you want them to take.

You can, when you write emails using the AIDA formula:

A = Attention

Get the attention of your audience quickly. You only have 2 seconds.

In this [Attention] phase, make sure to create a strong opening line / lead-in → to hook subscribers to read your email further. I have these 7 Opening Lines / Lead-Ins you can use.

I = Interest

Throw in some interesting facts, stories, or case studies.

D = Desire

Make them desire your product/service/content.

A = Action

What do you want them to do? Tell them exactly what they need to do


Email goal = persuade people to sign up for BirdSend.


Want more people to read your emails with (almost) no additional effort?


A few months ago, I sent an email to my subscribers. But this time I did something different. Before sending the email, I told BirdSend to resend the email to those who haven’t opened in 5 days. To do this I only need to check a box and enter the number “5”.


The result is more people reading my emails with only 2 seconds of extra work. If you check a box faster than me, you can do it in 1 second though.

You, too, can get more people reading your emails with only 2 seconds of extra work when you use BirdSend.


Try BirdSend free today.

Here’s another example.

Email goal = say I’m a public speaking coach who helps people improve their public speaking skills.


Want to get your audience so engrossed in your speech that they’ll willingly hold their pee so that they don’t miss a single word you say?


I’ve helped countless folks achieve this… from individuals to professionals to corporate executives.

My portfolio of clients include IBM, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Toyota, Tesla, and many other Fortune 500 companies.


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