Quick Wins (incl. 10-min Email Sales Funnels)

Quick Wins (incl. 10-min Email Sales Funnels)

The Ultimate Email Marketing for Content Creators (this very guide) is a comprehensive guide that shows you how to do email marketing that gets results.

If you're serious about email marketing and want Quick Wins to help you write more engaging emails faster... I offer the following paid add-ons.

1/ 10-Minute Email Sales Funnels

  • Use my plug-n-play email templates for the 6 email sequences / series below:
    1. Welcome A Stranger Series
    2. Show Me The Mahhhney Series
    3. Just 1 Last Step Series
    4. Why Did You Leave Me Series
    5. Let's Break Up Series
    6. I Appreciate You Series
    7. Crank out emails in as little as 10 minutes! Just fill in the blanks and use them as your own. Email examples are also included.

2/ Content Schedule Template

  • This is the content schedule template I personally use to organize my weekly content. Use this to save time and energy when planning for your upcoming content.

3/ Email Writing Checklist

  • Keep this handy by your side. Every time you write an email, open this checklist to make sure you don't miss important components that must be present in your emails.

4/ P.S. Ideas

  • The P.S at the bottom of your email is like a 2nd headline. Even when people quickly scan your email content, most likely they pay attention to the P.S. I give you 6 ideas to include in your P.S.

Don't worry. You don't have to buy each one separately. I've bundled all of them into 1 package so it's more affordable for you.