9.3 - Writing framework for sales emails

9.3 - Writing framework for sales emails

For sales emails, I recommend writing using the PASOUA framework.

P = Problem

At this point, you should already know and understand what your subscribers’ biggest problems are. If you don’t, what are you doing!? Go back to the “communities and social media” section.

You want to reiterate the pain points they’re suffering because of the unsolved problems.

A = Agitate

Then paint the pain points vividly, so that it hurts even more.

Describe the pain in greater detail. Put salt on the wound.

If the problems are not solved, how much longer do they have to suffer? How badly would this affect their lives?

You want them to be emotionally angry / sad / in fear. The key word is “emotion”. You want them to be emotionally agitated.

You want them to think “I’m just so frustrated why this won’t go away. If only someone can show me how to solve it.”

S = Solution

And that’s when you introduce the solution -- your product/service -- to eliminate their problems and pain points.

You want them to think: “this is exactly the solution I was looking for!”

O = Outcome

Ask them to imagine how wonderful life will be when their problems and pain points are solved. How they can sleep soundly at night. How they can enjoy what life has to offer.

U = Urgency & Scarcity

Without constraints, people WILL take their own sweet time to buy your product, even if they’ve already decided to buy. This is guaranteed 🙃

To maximize sales, use some kind of urgency or scarcity.

We’ve already covered this in the “Show me the mahhhney” series, but I’ll repeat quickly here.

Some examples:

  • Buy 1 get 1 for the next 3 days only (urgency)
  • 50% discount for the first 10 buyers only (urgency + scarcity)
  • Only 5 unit left at 50% discount (urgency + scarcity)

Make sure you explicitly tell folks about the urgency / scarcity. Point it out to them multiple times. Highlight them. Remind them.

We humans need to be constantly reminded, otherwise we’ll forget. This is even more true today when everyone and their grandma is competing for our attention.

This means:

  • Sending multiple emails about the promo.
  • Inside an email message, link over to your sales page a few times (maybe in the beginning, middle, end). You don’t have to always insert 3 links though.
  • Before the promo is live, let subscribers know about it.


Marcus Taylor from Venture Harbour got 3 times as many sales by using urgency. He ran an A/B test for his offer.

Variation A -- without urgency:


Variation B -- with urgency:


His conversion rate went from ~3.5% to 10% just by adding urgency and how many packages have been bought:


A = Action

Finally, ask for the sale.

This is where you put your CTA (call to action) to buy your product.


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