5.2 - 12 types of lead magnets

5.2 - 12 types of lead magnets

Here they are:

Once you’ve figured out the topics you’re going to cover in your lead magnet, the next step is to actually create it.

There are many different types of lead magnets you could offer:

1/ Report / ebook / case study

2/ Podcast / audio

3/ Video

#1 - #3 click here

Report, Audio, Video

These 3 are very popular and pretty obvious. You deliver your lead magnet in the form of a report or audio or video, solving 1 of your target audience problems.

Reports, case studies, and ebooks as well as #4 through #9 are typically and easiest delivered in the form of a pdf. Write your content in Google Docs or Word. Then convert them to pdf.

CAUTION You might be tempted to design a “pretty” lead magnet. When you’re just starting out, it’s more strategic to spend your time creating really helpful content AND promoting it, instead of worrying how good looking your lead magnet is. For the design, I’d strive for good enough and move on. People want to get your lead magnet because of how your content can help them, not because of how good looking it is. Keep it simple and just use a plain, old-fashioned pdf / google doc / word doc. You can always make your lead magnet pretty later on when you have the resources. They say making the best of what you currently have at your disposal is a great trait 😉

For audio, you can use your built-in recording software on your computer or you can use a free app called Audacity.

For screen recording and video editing software, I personally have used both Camtasia and Screenflow (Mac) and found both of them to be good. If you have a built-in software that comes with your computer, use that. No need to spend extra money.


Shane Melaugh’s case study (Thrive Themes co-founder):


Another e.g.

4/ Email course

If you want to deliver bite-sized content so that people don’t get overwhelmed, an email course is a great way to achieve that.

Instead of front-loading everything (like you would in an ebook), you divide all the chapters into a series of emails that get delivered over a period of days.

Now that 30 page ebook is broken down into 7 emails delivered over 7 days, with each email containing just enough content to make it worthwhile, digestible, and actionable.

5/ Worksheet

This is basically testing people’s knowledge based on what they’ve learned. This is akin to doing school homework.

You don’t just “learn.” You have to understand what you’ve learned.

Worksheets are more “activity” focused than “consuming / reading focused.”

E.g. worksheet

Digital Marketer’s lead magnet worksheet:

6/ Infographic

This is a piece of  visually appealing graphic that contains important points about your topic. Be sure to provide the high resolution version of the graphic as well so that people can print them out if they want.

If you’re not a designer, you might want to enlist the help of a good one. You can go to Fiverr and hire an affordable designer.

E.g. infographic

An infographic on billionaires:

7/ Checklist / cheatsheet

This is a checklist of the steps required to achieve a desired result. In the “7 steps to increase your memory retention by 42% in 5 days” example, you could create a “bullet point” checklist that people can glance over quickly to make sure the important steps are not missed.

E.g. checklist / cheatsheet

Amy R's house cleaning checklist:


Hubspot’s webinar checklist:

8/ Resource list

This is a list of the tools and resources required to do something.

This list would save folks a tremendous amount of time trying to search and review the different tools and resources.

E.g. resource list

OptinMonster offers this resource:

9/ Templates

If you could provide a “fill in the blank” template that’s relevant to your topic, people are going to want to get it.

For instance...

You target people who often do presentations who are looking for professional Powerpoint templates. If your lead magnet is a nice Powerpoint template giveaway they can simply “plug and play”, do you think these people want to get it?

All they need to do is change the logo and the text on the template.

E.g. templates

Contengrow’s ebook templates:

10/ Free trial

This works well if you’re selling software. People can easily sign up for a free trial account and test drive your tool first. If they like it, they’ll become your customers. If they don’t, they simply cancel their free trial.

It doesn’t have to be software though. If you have a membership portal where members pay a recurring fee, you can also offer them free trials.

E.g. free trial

We offer a free trial for our email marketing tool, BirdSend:

11/ Quiz / Survey

When visitors land on your landing page, you ask them a few questions related to their topic of interest.

This is as if you’re there face-to-face “diagnosing” their problems and offering them solutions based on their unique situation.

At the end of the survey, people are asked to provide their email on the promise that their customized answers are sent to their email inbox.

Based on their answers, they get funneled to different segments of your list and start getting email follow ups based on which segments they’re on.

This makes the emails they get very targeted and specific to their condition and situation, which in turn leads to high engagement and sales conversions.

However, this is an advanced tactic which requires more work such as setting up multiple different email sequences / drip campaigns based on their answers. I only recommend this method if you’re already familiar with email marketing.

E.g. quiz / survey

See this quiz / survey from Improve Net:


Clicking the “Take Quiz” button would lead to the following screen:


After folks have completed the survey, they see this:


And of course to see their results (i.e to get the answer - which decade their home belongs to) they’d need to enter their email address. Since they’ve already made it this far in answering the questions, might as well complete the final step -- which is to enter their email address.

Here's another example in the weight loss niche (pay attention to the “Begin Assessment” button):

12/ Content Upgrade

This is providing something that’s very relevant to the content the visitor is viewing, and “that something” can only be gotten by opting in to your email list.

If you’re just a blog reader and haven’t opted-in, you don’t have access to it.

A very simple way of offering this with almost no additional work is to offer your blog post as a pdf so that people can download and refer to it anytime they want.

E.g. content upgrade

Razor Social uses the following content upgrade: