5.3 - Automatically delivering your lead magnet

5.3 - Automatically delivering your lead magnet

Once someone has opted-in to get your lead magnet, you want to deliver it instantly...

People expect instant gratification, so waiting for a few hours or days before delivering is a no-no.

You look bad → their first impression of you is poor → they don’t trust you → don’t engage → never buy from you.

This means you need to use an email marketing tool / ESP (email service provider) to automatically do this for you.

Otherwise you’d need to be vigilant 24/7 and always be aware that someone has just opted-in and that you need to immediately deliver the lead magnet.

To technically “capture” subscribers’ email addresses and then instantly deliver your lead magnet via automated email messages, simply use the opt-in form and sequence capabilities provided by your email marketing tool.

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