8.2 - 2 types of email messages

8.2 - 2 types of email messages

Newsletter / Broadcast emails

These are one-off emails you send at a specific date. E.g. To update subscribers you have a new newsletter issue (duh), blog post, video, podcast episode, announcement, special offer, etc.

They can be periodic (e.g bi-weekly, monthly) or sporadic.

Sequence / Series email

I like to call these my relentless “sales slaves” that work 24/7.

Sometimes I also call them “email mahhhney”.

These automated emails get sent out like clockwork, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. These are evergreen emails -- you set them up one-time and they get sent out indefinitely to your subscribers based on when they joined your list.

Most folks only know about sending “newsletters” (#1). What a pity. This means they always need to be manually creating new emails and content. Not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes you want to take a break and still have emails going out.

You need to be constantly in touch with subscribers. If not, they'll forget about you quickly. In this day and age, everyone and their dog is competing for their attention -- i.e. people have very short attention spans.

If, after they subscribe to your list, you don’t send any email until your next newsletter issue (which could be 2 weeks to a month later), I’m very sure they’ve forgotten about you = don’t open emails or worse mark them as spam.

The solution is to use automated Sequence emails.

Right after someone subscribes, immediately send them an email to deliver your lead magnet. People expect instant gratification, so you must deliver your lead magnet instantly.

Then over the next few days, you continue to email them consistently. This sequence is known as the “Welcome Series”. As the name suggests, a new person just became your subscriber and you want to “welcome” him so that he feels at ease and likes you, like how a party host welcomes his guests.

Why you should email regularly By sending both broadcast and sequence emails regularly, you provide value to subscribers. Engage with them. Reply to their emails. Earn their trust. Be likeable. They might not need your product or service right now, but when they do, guess who comes top of mind? Or if their friends ask for a recommendation, guess whose name pops up in their head?