8.1 - Actual thing to write about

8.1 - Actual thing to write about

Ultimate goal

Your ultimate goal of doing email marketing is to sell your product or service.

Hence, there’s actually only 1 thing to write about -- the thing you’re selling 😎

I wish it were that simple though -- just write about our product/service point-blank and we’ll be successful.

That approach will fail big time. Every time.

Humans don’t like to be sold to. But they have no problems buying from you, if you do it the right way.

Write about the thing you're selling in a strategic way

Here’s what you should do instead → make your email much less sales-y → how does your product / service help your target audience? → provide value for free by giving free advice / tips / recommendations like you would to a good friend (always have their best interests in mind), regardless of whether folks buy from you or not.

Always work backwards, starting from the things you’re selling → branching out with relevant topics → create helpful and valuable content on these topics.

Make sure you write about topics your target audience are interested in.

Remember the work you did in immersing yourself within your target audience? How you engaged with them in relevant communities and social media to understand their problems and pain points.

These are the topics you want to cover in your emails.


You’re a work productivity coach and you help small businesses get the most out of their time. In your emails you could give away tips and suggestions on how they can get the most work done in the least amount of time. If they’re really serious about taking their productivity to the next level, they can buy your paid product or work with you directly for a fee.

Another e.g.

In my email mistakes challenge, I give away free email marketing tips. To implement some of the tips, they need an email marketing tool -- which is where BirdSend comes in. They don’t have to use BirdSend, but because (1) BirdSend is a great tool backed by a great customer support team and (2) I’ve built so much goodwill with these folks -- a portion will become my customers.


For further ideas and inspirations, take a look at the table of contents of popular books in your field. Book publishers have already spent tons of money, and book authors have spent countless hours of resources -- they know what topics and questions resonate the most with their audience.

Why not take advantage of this?

The quickest and easiest way to leverage this is to use Amazon’s “Look inside” book feature. Go to Amazon and search for popular books on your niche, then click “Look inside”:


The table of contents will be revealed -- these are (proven) good topics to cover in your emails.


Sometimes nothing happens when you click “Look inside” (not sure why). If that’s the case, try using a different browser.

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