8.3 - How often should you email

8.3 - How often should you email

I like to email at least every day for the first 7 days (including weekends) after a new subscriber joins my list...

This is where email sequences / series come into play.

This is your most important time to start a good relationship with them. There isn’t a better time. You only get 1 chance. And it’s when they’ve just joined your list.

First impressions matter. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is bullshit 💩

Admit it, every day you judge a book by its cover 😎

By emailing every day to new subscribers, you:

  • Set up the stage for them to know you better (and eventually like, trust, and buy from you).
  • Reduce spam complaints as they get familiar with your name and the value you provide with each email.
  • Train them to get into the habit of opening your emails.
  • Are riding on the subscribers’ hot button. People’s interests change quickly. New subscribers are hot right now. NOW is the best time to keep in touch with them. There are no 2nd chances.
  • If they’re busy on a certain day, you hit them on other days (e.g. busy on Monday, you hit them on Tuesday - Sunday. This is why I recommend emailing every day at least for 7 days straight).

After subscribers have completed your daily sequence, continue to send them your regular “newsletter” broadcasts. I recommend one broadcast every 2 weeks, or at the bare minimum once per month.

Most people’s concerns about emailing every day is (1) they’re afraid of upsetting subscribers and hence getting unsubscribes, and (2) they don’t know what to email about.

For (1) if subscribers find your emails valuable or interesting or entertaining, they’ll happily read them. Think about your favorite artists or persons. If they email you every day, would you be upset and unsubscribe?

Even if folks unsubscribe, it’s actually a good thing. You’ll build a tighter knit of subscribers and only those who are your biggest fans will stay. Why would you force upon someone who’s not that into you to listen to you anyway?

It’s better and more profitable to serve 1,000 engaged fans than 10,000 “so-so” friends. You’ll get better email deliverability and it’ll cost you less, not only in terms of ESP’s fees but also in terms of your focus and energy. Now you only need to focus on attending the needs of this smaller group of people.

For (2) let’s move on to the next section - Broadcast Ideas & Sequence Ideas.