4.3 - Can I login to gmail and just send emails from there?

4.3 - Can I login to gmail and just send emails from there?

You could but it's not a good use of your precious time. Here's why:

As we’re talking about permission-based mass email marketing, you need to understand that you don’t actually login to your email inbox and then manually send emails from there.

You need to use an email marketing tool / ESP (email service provider) to help you send and automate the sending of multiple emails to hundreds / thousands / tens of thousands of your subscribers.

If you do not use an email marketing tool, you’d have to do all the activities below by hand:

  • You record how many subscribers you got each day inside a spreadsheet
  • You keep track which subscribers are supposed to receive which email today
  • You send out all emails manually one by one (i.e. you wouldn’t be able to send the welcome email instantly after a new subscriber joins (to remain top of mind) because you could be sleeping or driving or vacationing or doing some other freaking things → emails are sent out a few hours or days late → they’ve forgotten about you or unimpressed with you and have moved on)
  • You repeat the process every single day
  • Imagine over the years when you’ve accumulated tens of thousands of subscribers. It would take you the whole week (most likely multiple weeks) to do all the above. You’d have no time left for other important tasks in your business.
  • Not to mention you don’t have stats to keep track of how many subscribers and who open and click each specific email, and how much email revenue they bring to your business. This means you can’t measure your performance.

Your brain will be toasted 🤯 and your hand crooked from all the typing! 😤

The answer to this is to use an email marketing tool / ESP to automate the whole process, from collecting subscribers… to sending out tens of thousands of correct emails to the correct subscribers at the right time… to keeping track of revenue and how much each subscriber is worth to you.