0.0 - Why free and what you'll get

0.0 - Why free and what you'll get


BirdSend is an email marketing tool for content creators — that my small team & I run.

The goal of this guide is to make it ultra useful for content creators who want to do email marketing that gets results. If you have constructive feedback, I'd love to hear them. So that together we can constantly improve this guide to create a better learning experience for our fellow creators 😉

I'll await your feedback via Twitter or the bottom right button.

Who this guide is for

Yes, of course this is for folks who want to do email marketing.

But it’s NOT for those who purely run an ecommerce / online store business.

It’s also NOT for big companies.

This guide is created by a content creator and is only meant for content creators.

A content creator is an individual or small business whose business involves creating content the majority of the time.

Content can be in the form of text, audio, and video. E.g. A blogger is a creator. A podcaster is one. A YouTuber is also one. A course creator too. If you share or teach knowledge / information to others, you're a content creator.

A content creator is bootstrapped and self-funded, and is typically a solopreneur or runs a tiny team of less than 10 team members.

What you'll get out of the guide

With this guide, you'll:

  • Have a strategic plan to “do email marketing” that’ll dramatically increase your earnings/sales — only if you implement and stop being a NALO (no action learn only) person though...
  • Know how to come up with an irresistible free offer so folks can't wait to give you their email address
  • Understand how to effectively use stories in your emails to hook subscribers
  • Learn how to get subscribers to eagerly look forward to your emails like how a kid awaits their Christmas presents
  • Discover how to write high converting emails to get subscribers do what you want them to do
  • Never run out with email ideas to write about
  • Understand how to write hypnotic subject lines that seduce readers
  • Be convinced that email marketing is something you MUST include in your business activity. It’s NOT OPTIONAL

Why listen to me?

To date, my business partner Adi Djohari and I have sold more than 2 million dollars of our own products via email marketing.

From filling seminar seats, to designing clients’ websites, to developing and selling a marketing suite of WordPress plugins, to currently running an email marketing tool (BirdSend) — we’ve done the majority of the selling via email marketing.

Plus, we and our small team help BirdSend customers send around 30M emails/month. I think that somewhat qualifies me to talk about the very thing I breathe every day, no?

All the links in this guide are direct, naked links. There’s zero affiliate link. Of course, I run BirdSend email marketing tool — so if you sign up for a free trial and eventually become a paid customer, my team and I get paid 😉

You don’t have to use BirdSend though. Feel free to use other email marketing tools. The strategies and tactics in this guide can be implemented using most good email tools.

How many people do it wrong

Many people who claim to do “email marketing” or “newsletter” don’t even have a welcome email and just say “thanks for subscribing” after a new subscriber opts-in.

When they send a “newsletter” a few weeks later… subscribers think to themselves, “Who is this person? Why is he/she emailing me? I’ve never heard of him/her.“


Due to the insane amount of ads and things vying for people’s attention, they forget about you if you don’t email them immediately. We’re all suffering from ADD.

Here’s an example of a good welcome email sent IMMEDIATELY to new subscribers:
Subject: 3 steps to speak confidently A few moments ago, you requested the “How to speak confidently in 3 simple steps” guide. Before I give it to you, here’s an additional tip not covered in the guide: — Practice with distractions When you’re out there on stage, there will always be distractions -- people walking by, the mic not working properly, people’s phones ringing, etc. It’s always good to rehearse by adding a little challenge. — Access the guide here Over the next few days, I’ll send you more tips via emails to overcome your speaking fear. Not only will you not feel embarrassed again, you’ll gain ultra confidence and posture when speaking on stage. Ohhh and my name is Sam Speaker and I’ve been helping professionals massively improve their public speaking skills since 2010. Some, like me, have also won at speaking competitions. I work with both individuals and companies. Some of the Fortune 500 companies I’ve trained include Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Toyota, and Samsung. See you tomorrow. To your speaking success, Sam Speaker PS. If you’re serious about speaking so well in public that your audience will gladly hold their pee just so they don’t miss a word you say, I have a $1,000/month personal coaching program where I’ll personally guide you step-by-step to take your public speaking skills to the next level. But that’s currently sold out as I can only handle 10 clients at any time. You can get on the waiting list here. PPS. Reply to this and tell me your biggest challenge with public speaking? If I’m in a good mood, I’ll give you some pointers.

I’ll be covering the main points of what makes this a good welcome email as we go through the guide.