10.5 - Segmentation

10.5 - Segmentation

The 7-Eleven story

Who do you think goes there?


I’d say pretty much everyone from kids, teenagers, adults, to grandmas and grandpas… regardless of ethnicity, religion or profession.

7-Eleven appeals to the mass market.

But your business does not.

What I’m trying to say is that… sending all emails to all subscribers is a bad idea.


Because not all your subscribers are interested in everything you say.

And if you keep sending irrelevant emails (in the eyes of your subscribers), they’re eventually going to be unhappy.

Unhappy = not going to open emails = no engagement = no clicks = no exposure = no sales.

Lemme give you an example.

Superman opts-in to your email list because you promised to send him information about traveling to Europe.

But you also send him information about traveling to Asia, which he might not be interested in.

A better way is to ask Superman if he also wants information about traveling to Asia… and only if he wants, email him about Asia.

But how do you achieve this to make sure people are receiving relevant emails?

There are 2 ways:

Way #1

When people opt-in to your list, be specific on what kind of emails they’re going to receive. If it’s about traveling to Europe, tell it like it is.

Then inside your Europe opt-in form settings, tag people who opt-in with “Europe”.

Next time you want to send emails about Europe, you send only to people who are tagged with “Europe”.

Way #2

Someone who opts-in via #1 (Europe) above... he could still be interested in traveling to Asia. In your email, you could say something like:

“If you’re also interested in traveling to Asia, click here and I’ll send you emails about Asia too.”

Inside your email tool settings, set up rules so that when “click here” is clicked, tag the person with “Asia”.

Next time you want to send emails about Asia, you send only to people who are tagged with “Asia”.

This is known as “profiling” people based on their behavior. If they open/click/buy from a certain email, you know that specific email resonates with them. This gives you insights on what’s working and what’s not.

If you just do the above, you’re already ahead of most folks 😉

But if you do the below, you’ll be way ahead of most most most folks. Instead of just “profiling” based on who open and click your emails, profile them based on their buying habits too. When people buy using their mahhhney, it’s the most accurate indicator that what you’re doing is working. You’re not just relying on some “feel good” numbers (i.e. opens and clicks). At the end of the day, you’re here to do business, not to be a philanthropist.

By doing the above steps, you’ll get a higher engagement rate with your subscribers since you’re only sending them relevant emails.