10.7 - How to get emails out of Gmail's Promo Tab

10.7 - How to get emails out of Gmail's Promo Tab

Soon (around July or August 2022) I’ll start offering this Done-For-You service where I get your emails out of Gmail’s infamous Promo Tab.

I’m currently testing & implementing in detail how to get out of the Promo Tab for my own emails.

So far the results look promising.

Previously almost all my emails were going to the Promo Tab. Now only a tiny 4% are going there.

I’m still refining the process.

In case you didn’t know, getting out of the Promo Tab has nothing to do with the email marketing tool you use, as long as the tool is legit and has good email deliverability.

For example, some BirdSend users (without doing any kind of “avoiding Promo Tab” optimization) don’t have issues with Promo Tab while others (like me) have.

And I’m also subscribed to some big name marketers and gurus — many of them have Promo Tab issues. These folks use big name email tools like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.

This service won’t be cheap though as this is a Done For You (DFY) service and a highly valuable one at that — imagine boosting your open rates by double digit %.

But since it’s beta (for a limited number of folks), you’ll get a heavily discounted price 😋

If you want the deets when I open the beta version of this service, email me at welly[at]birdsend.co with “fix my promo tab issue” and I’ll hook you up.